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2020 Adventure Vehicle Exposition

International Convention Center

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

November 20 & 21

Vendors Page

Dear Vendors,

Government registration data has shown that over the past eight years there has been an average of a 13% annual increase in new registered motorcycles in Mexico.  In addition with the strength of the Mexican economy there has been a significant increase in personal spending on recreational vehicles and accessories. 

In the last five years we have seen a substantial increase of commercial businesses using these vehicles for deliveries and general transportation throughout the region. 

Currently the 450,000+ potential buyers who live in the immediate area (within 8 miles and 5.5 million within 110 miles) of the Pacific Coastal Region of Nayarit and Jalisco States have to travel at least five hours to attend a motorcycle / bicycle / ATV's / recreational vehicle show.  Most consumers today want the convenience of going to one local location and seeing everything available at one time as opposed to traveling to multiple dealerships and stores. This makes the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center the ideal location for this show. The Convention Center  has more than 600 parking spaces, is easily accessible by bus and is totally enclosed with fencing and 24 hour security. 

The dates of the show will allow vendors to exhibit the newest model year available (2021) and  the latest accessories and service providers at the start of the Christmas Holiday Shopping Season. 

We have just over 20,000 hotel rooms, mostly oceanfront,  within 15 miles of the convention center , the International Airport is five minutes away and the nationwide bus depot is three minutes away.  Puerto Vallarta is one of the top ten worldwide resort destinations which also hosts hundreds of corporate events annually. 

We are also having extended show hours starting at 10 AM and going through 9:30 PM on the first day providing an opportunity for any potential buyer to attend.

Our plan is to provide our vendors with everything needed in order to close the deal at the show:

     Outdoor Tent Area where vendors can erect a 20 x 20 foot tent


     Test Track where potential buyers can start and drive the vehicles 

     Private Conference Rooms where vendors can execute contracts with buyers 

Our current floor plan has more than one hundred booths inside the Convention Center varying in sizes from 30 x 30 foot, 20 x 20 foot and 10 x 10 foot and there are several exterior 20 x 20 foot booths available adjacent to the test track but you must also have an interior booth.

Vendors are permitted to display more than one type of product; so if you manufacture / sell motorcycles and ATV`s and personal watercraft and your booth is large enough you are permitted to display all three in one space. 

We are still able to adjust our floor plan if you are in need of a specific booth size.  Booth location and selection is based on a first come basis. All larger booths and several smaller booths are located in the first and second rows directly in front of the entrance doors. 

All attendees will be receiving a bar coded badge which will include the attendees contact information and vendors can scan  this badge to create a potential buyer or leeds list.

Our marketing strategy is extensive covering multiple websites,  social media, print, radio and mailings throughout both states and the Pacific Coast Region touching more than 5.5 million people.

We are giving away free admission tickets to more than 1000 commercial businesses to bring in new potential clients for vendors.  Vendors will have the option to provide us with any additional mailing or email lists with potential attendees at no additional costs and they will be included in our marketing campaign. 

Register by June 1, 2020 and receive a 5% discount on all booth rentals and sponsorships. 

All paid attendees are automatically entered into a raffle for a 65+ inch television  at no additional cost. The drawing will be held at the end of the last show day.  Any attendee who completes a purchase from a vendor during the show will receive up to an additional 10 raffle tickets depending on the cost of their purchase.  Vendors and Show Management are not allowed to participate in the raffle. 

We have the staff on hand to assemble larger more complex booths if needed.  This is a non-union show location resulting in fair setup rates.

Please reach out with any questions.

Simple Management Group

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