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2020 Adventure Vehicle Exposition

International Convention Center

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

November 20 & 21

Questions & Answers


Why Puerto Vallarta?

This immediate Region of Mexico is on the Bay of Banderies (Pacific Ocean); the coastline of the bay exceeds 100 miles and is internationally recognized as a top ten destination for water sports.   The foothills of the International Sierra Madre Mountain Range is about four miles from the coastline and is a part of both Jalisco and Nayarit States, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and Utility Vehicles are used extensively in this region by thousands of local residents, not to mention that the year round climate in this region is mostly between 70 Farenheit  and 85 Farenheit. 

What type of vehicles will be at the show?

Motorcycles,  Motorbikes, Bicycles,  Quads, ATV`S, Personal Watercraft such as Jet Ski, Utility Vehicles such as Jeep, 

Can anyone attend the show?

Yes, it is open to the public. 

Is there a cost to enter the show?

Yes, adults are 100 pesos ($5.00 USD)and children under 10 are 50 pesos ($2.50 USD) children under 4 are free.  Everyone who pays to enter receives a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a new 65 inch television which will be given away at the end of the show. 

Can the vehicles be test driven on-site?

Yes, we have established a secure separate parking lot where vendors can escort customers and allow them to try any vehicle available. 

How do we get there?

The International Convention Center is located almost adjacent to the modern Puerto Vallarta International Airport and the main Bus Terminal.   Taxis and buses travel directly to the Center. If you are taking a local taxi from within Puerto Vallarta the fare is usually between 50 and 150 pesos ($2.50 & $7.50 USD)

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Are there only vehicles at the show?

No, we have different vendors with accessories such as helmets, trailers, clothing,  service companies that service and repair the vehicles, insurance companies, finance companies, 

Why in November?

Having the show in November allows the vendors to display and sell the newest model year vehicle and also offer special discounts on the current year models to clear out their current inventory.  This is also just prior to the Christmas Shopping Season. 

Will you only have new vehicles at the show?

No, our vendors are encouraged to also bring their reconditioned used vehicles so that we can appeal to needs of all attendees.

Is it better to shop at a local dealership or a show?

THE SHOW,  without a doubt.  You can see all the different manufacturers,  models and product types at one time in one location where they are all competing for you business.  If you are serious about buying something right away let them know that and you will get your best price because they know that the competition is only a few steps away.

Can I bring my family with me to the show?

Absolutely,  this is meant to be a fun day to see all the newest vehicles, equipment and accessories and the facilities are totally enclosed with security at every entrance. 

If I purchase a vehicle at the show can I take it home with me that day?

Possible,  that is up to the individual vendor. 

Is there food available for purchase at the International Convention Center?

Yes and there is also a seating area where you can relax.

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