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About Us

Wedding Table at Night

We started in the hospitality industry in 1983; providing our services to clients throughout the United States and Canada.  Located in the NYC area for thirty years we have been involved with events at Lincoln Center, Various Museums, Madison Square Garden, Giants Stadium (MetLife Stadium), Jacob Javitt's Center, Many of the area Hotel Conference Centers.  Outside the NYC Area we have provided our services in Miami, Washington D.C., Baltimore, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diago, Denver, and too many others to list.

In all we have been involved in planning and hosting hundreds of events involving groups from 6 individuals to expositions that have hosted 300+ vendors and 10,000+ guests.

This current venture in Puerto Vallarta is due to the fact that we have relocated ourselves to this area.  Yes; it is an ideal place to have an First Class Event  So, over the past several years we have made incredible relationships in the area with the resorts and local businesses.  

We are currently planning on hosting a fitness event in 2024 using 1200 hotel rooms for 1800 attendees and a sports tournament in 2023 involving 180 teams that will utilize about 1400 hotel rooms multiple sports facilities, banquet facilities, tour buses, etc.

From our experience in the industry we feel that we can host events in the P.V. area at a 15% to 25% savings to similar resort areas without sacrificing anything and actually offering more.

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