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In More Detail

Initial Property Inspection consists of an overall review of the interior, exterior and surrounding grounds.  SMG will document any issues that can have an impact on the rent-ability of the property along with any structural concerns or potential liability issues.  

SMG will provide you with a suggested property budget including projected rental income.  This of course is subjective to how often the property is available for rental and if it is a seasonal property.  Our expense budgets are normally exact barring any unforeseen circumstances or unexpected homeowner initiated improvements. So if your property was available 52 weeks a years in an area such as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, Mx we would expect it to be rented a minimum of 44 weeks with varying rates based on the high season and holidays.  The details of the related to things such as housekeeping and maintenance are specific to your property and would be outlined within the budget.

Complete accounting statements are provided in soft copy quarterly; all rental income minus management expenses are transferred to your designated account electronically within seven business days of the guests departure.

In our years of experience we have found that creating one big website with hundreds of Client Properties competing against each other is not the best way to market your property; what we will do is create one website for just your specific property and and market it to the appropriate clientele, this of course would include the more than 10,000 internal renters within our own database.  In addition we would of course list your property throughout social media and sites such as VRBO and Airbnb and provide you with a web link so that you can share within your own community of relationships.

SMG will install WiFi enabled monitoring cameras that are motion sensitive and record to the Cloud provided you have WiFi available.  This system will alert our staff in the event the property is vacant and there is some form of intrusion and it allows you to monitor your property from anywhere you have internet access.  SMG has been utilizing this system since 2009 and it has been very effective.  The camera's are disabled whenever a guest arrives.

SMG will design a maintenance program based on the needs of the property and the owners desires.  Of course, this program is also detailed within the projected budget and it will include the expected items such as cleaning, painting, landscape, etc and also items such as linens, bedding, replacement of furniture as on a projected plan over several years, etc.

Your privacy and the privacy of your guests are of upmost importance to us.  SMG requires all of our staff and our vendors to execute a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement prior to being retained.  SMG prohibits our staff from taking any types of images of our clients and their properties unless it is within the scope of their assignment such as a property inspection or to document damage.

In order to facilitate a stress free holiday for your guests SMG will introduce them to our sister company, Luxury Concierge Services, who can provide them with event planning services for private parties, weddings, land and sea tours, transportation, dinner reservations, personal chef{s, personal shoppers, lifeguards, babysitting services, etc.  You, our client, will receive a 5% return on all activities booked and paid for by your guests while they are staying at one of your properties.  We also have relationships with a number of retail stores that will provide a personal shopping experience for your guests.

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