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Executive Aviation and Marine Services



We provide full-service shopping and meal preparation services to the aviation and marine industry. 


Our services are available 24 / 7 / 365 and we fully understand the complexities of preparing, packaging and delivering 5 – Star meals to be plated and presented in a tight galley with limited warming and chilling capabilities for the most discerning clients who are always expecting the very finest cuisine.


Food selection and preparation is completed by one of our two Executive Chef’s and we will include all fresh garnishes along with heating and plating instructions.


We shop daily for the freshest ingredients at local speciality shops and purchase small quantities so that we can guarantee you the best available foods at the market.


Our packaging experience comes from more than ten years of being a part of a private corporate flight crew that travelled more than 400 hours a year.  We normally provide you with more than you asked for because we have been in your shoes.


Our Chefs have been employed by private executives and wealthy families and are used to preparing several different cuisine selections in a short period of time to the highest standards.  Each meal is an individual and unique creation to the individuals own taste.


We do have menus available but our clients will usually let us know what they would like to have prepared and we will also make some recommendations and from that we will create the meals.


We will deliver your order to your resort, home or the appropriate air or marine terminal.

You can contact SMG Services at 516-715-1617

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